INP book sale.

In my ongoing quest to put as much away in the bank for grad school as possible, and also in an attempt to start preparing for the October move as soon as possible, I've decided to sale a number of books. I'm not particularly keen on store credit or hauling dozens of books to Seoul on the bus, so I thought I would give the blog readers a shot at it first. The link to the book list, which also includes links to information about the books. I'm not good at setting prices for things, so if you're interested in anything, just send me an email with an offer (imnopicasso@gmail.com). Also, any information about where to get a decent going price for the leftovers would be very appreciated.

(Also, for those who may be wondering, I put up a post earlier this week updating about the status of things, but went to edit it and wound up deleting it instead. Was too lazy to rewrite it, but found out a large portion of it was null and void under visa conditions anyway -- the struggle to lay tracks for the future continues, but I expect I'll be making more regular appearances over here soon. Take care, all.)

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