Work update: Changes in the post?

A lot of nonsense has been going down at work, and we may be coming to a sort of crossroads. The play-by-play details have been posted on the other blog, but here's the main summary of what went down today, for anyone who is interested. 

I don't know. I've had a good run in Korean public schools, but it seems my coworkers have gotten a little too comfortable with my competency level, not accrediting it, at the same time, with the amount of respect I feel I deserve for being willing to pick up slack, and being capable of taking classes with little to no notice and teach them all on my own, without a Korean teacher present.

Despite the fact that it would suit me in literally every single area of need and want in my life at the moment, I don't actually want to quit my job early. Only because, regardless of the disrespect I'm feeling from some of my coworkers at the moment, I still feel a sense of obligation to finish what I start. But this is not my first rodeo, and Korea is not a one year commitment I'm trying to get through -- this is my life, now. I live and work here for the long run. And taking that perspective into consideration, I see no reason not to change my job when I feel that it no longer suits me, or that I've outgrown it in some way.

So. We will see what's to come within the next few weeks. For now, I'm going to take a much-needed five day break from the three ring circus, and try to forget about it all for a while.

Happy Chuseok.


Rude Boy Abroad said...

That sounds absolutely batshit. Jerking you around in regards to your schedule is bad on its own, but trying to use you as a political tool and then blame everything on you is unbelievable. I know you've really enjoyed working at that school, but you're absolutely right: If, for whatever reason, you're not happy there, it's time to move on. Good luck!

haidir said...

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