Always something.

Same old story, man. Turn up to work at 8 on the dot to get shit organized before camp starts at 9. And to work out whatever other surprise there is in store for me this year. Because there's always one. Like the classroom is being demolished. Or the computers have mysteriously all been removed. Or I'm locked out of the entire building.

This time was an oldie, but a goodie -- no electricity. In my office or in the classroom. The classroom, I wouldn't mind so much, since I pretty much expect this to happen and stopped making camp lesson plans which require use of the computer a long time ago. Well. Except that this particular classroom has no windows. So. That was an issue.

But my office? With my computer containing all my files and my printer and my copy machine? Problematic.

Seriously buying an external hard drive this week. Enough is enough.

Ran down to the administration office (once read of a teacher going directly to their VP to reportr one of these issues -- don't ever do that -- the VP does not work for you) to report it. The woman nodded. 알겠습니다. Lies. Twenty minutes later, nothing had changed. So I went to the main teacher's office in view of the 부장님 and 교감님 and asked one of the other teachers if I could use their computer for a moment. Of course, the 부장님 asked me what was wrong and I explained it. He told me to wait, and then went down to the administration office himself. Came back up. Said to go back up to my office, that the power was back on.

Still nothing. Wait another twenty minutes. Go back down to the teachers' office and explain that the power is still not on, and the students are due to arrive in twenty minutes, so if I could just please use a computer to print....

Now the 교감님 has taken notice and is getting irritated, so he calls the administration office himself. The power is on, he assures me. I was pretty sure that, at that point, it would be. Unless someone wanted to get in serious trouble, because our VP is kind of a tyrant.

Made it just by the skin of my teeth, printing files, making copies and loading files. Should've had that done on Friday, to be honest. But hey. This is why I show up early. Because it's always going to be something.

Glad we've got that out of the way. From here on, it should be smooth sailing. Unless I show up tomorrow to find a wall knocked out. But I think we're alright for now. Camps ahoy.

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