Opting out and staying in.

You people are fucking lovely. I just want to start out by saying that.

There's not much going on at work right now, because this week was finals, but I still feel incredibly tired somehow. I kind of bailed on Busan tonight, who invited one of his friends to meet me last minute. Tomorrow afternoon, his brother (who I've already met) is coming up, and we've got some things to get done in the morning, and when I found myself nodding off at my desk around 3 pm, I reckoned rushing home to get presentable to meet the new friend for the first time, taking the bus and the subway for a combined 1.5 hours, trying to keep up with the boys drinking, only to wake up in the morning and face a full day probably was not the best plan. One thing at a time, eh? It's a busy season.

So. Instead, I stopped by the local grocery store on my way home and picked up all the stuff I would need to make a grade A big ass pot of kimchi jjigae to get me through the week (and to send photos of to Busan, to rub in his face, because his kimchi jjigae is just shit), and have spent the evening so far catching up on laundry and housework, doing that cooking, and now settling in to bake a batch of these for Busan and his brother tomorrow (already tried out the recipe, and it's excellent, by the way -- highly recommend it), dye my hair and do all other manner of boring domestic upkeep type things.

Steadily making my way through a bottle of red in the process.

It's fucking cold out there, by the way. And that probably had a lot to do with my motion to come home and put on several layers, rather than brave it out in the world until midnight. But there you have it.

I can't fucking believe next week is Christmas. It feels like there's a lot to be done before then. New Year's, which will be the first one year anniversary I've ever had.

My dreams are keeping me feeling a little restless, still, at the moment. But I'm happy and settled in. Maybe a bit too settled in. But somehow, these days it feels more like being anchored than socked away and solitary. It's good.

But those cookies are calling my name.

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