I nearly just killed a man.

I mean that in probably the most literal way I've ever thought, said or written it. I came back from my sixth class to find all of the files on my computer completely wiped.

All of them. Everything. Every last lesson plan I've made over the course of the last three years and three months. Gone. One week before winter camps start.

I almost cried. I actually almost cried. Not in the way that people reblog things on Tumblr and talk about how it made them cry in the office. Maybe they actually do cry. I don't know. But Tumblr has never made me cry in the office. My grandfather's death didn't even make me cry in the office.

This. This nearly made me cry in the fucking office.

Why was this horrible man touching my computer in the first place? No one knows. Apparently he came in and asked for my computer by name. By my name. Not my title, but my actual first name. Which is even weirder, because he doesn't even technically work at this school and I don't really know why he knows my name to begin with. But I didn't ask for anything about my computer to be fixed.

So I don't know why he was here. And I don't know what he did. And I don't know what he came back and did in order to put it all back, but back it is. And it's a good thing, too, because I may have ended up deported for what I would've done to him if he hadn't been able to restore it. He attempted to make pleasant small talk while he was doing whatever he was doing to set it to right, and I just wanted to punt his head like a fucking soccer ball.

But he saved himself. Just barely.


Dan said...

I was really feeling for you as I read it. Before I got through with reading, I started over reading it to my wife and we both groaned audibly. It was a relief to get to the end and find that you got it all back.
I hope you get an external hard drive for all of it, and if not, Home Plus had 4gig thumb drives for 8,500 last week.

Foreigner Joy said...

Yep...back all that up! you can always email stuff to a new email account. THat's what I've done sometimes.

Katherine Koba said...

Honestly, I'd be more terrified than anything else. Strange men who know where you work and know your first name? WTF?!

Rachael said...

You caused me to visibly cringe and lean away in horror. One of my worst nightmares and it's terrifying people have this experience. Maybe he's just not getting to some repair order from a time way-back-when. Or HT thought it was broken and called him in. Do you have a place to back everything up? If it's not a thumb drive or external hard drive, at least an email account?

Rob-o-SE-yo said...

Wiping hard drives and reformatting office computers without consulting foreign staff was a regular occurrence at my second and third workplace. Mutinies nearly ensued every time. My fourth workplace didn't have that problem, because they never did anything to the computer in the foreign teachers' lounge, which was from 1997, and which was so bogged down with junk it was even slow for a '97 model.

Mr. Spock said...

Get a 500GB external and back that shit up. And then next time you can just shout at the man instead of physically assaulting him.