Baking and boxing.

Things are a little bit crazy right now. It's been decided that there will be a kind of impromptu Christmas party at my place. Which, you know.... is there any place on Earth more Christmasy than Incheon? I think not. But. That means a lot of cleaning and organizing and shopping. My students have informed me that they spotted me at Homeplus on Monday night buying "wine, wine glass, wine, 더 wine".

Christmas party, boys. I'm not some kind of extra classy functioning alcoholic. I swear.

And baking. And cleaning up from the baking. And stressing out over the fact that I'm closer to 30 than I am to 20 and I have a goddamn mini fridge, which I've decided just has to change soon.

Anyway. At the moment the students are watching magic shows, riding horses and listening to a very large man speak very quietly about boxing. It's some kind of a showcase for optional classes during winter vacation. The boxing room has about 80 students standing outside waiting to get in. Because that's what my students are actually missing -- formal training in how to kick someone's ass.

I miss Busan. He's on the 야근 again this week. But I honestly don't even have time to be fooling around with him right now, anyway. Let's just hope it's a good weekend to make up for it.

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