I've received a very helpful email this morning.

I’ve been reading imnopicasso.blogspot.com and have a story idea that might interest your followers:

Is charter travel really an option for the ordinary traveler? We are all familiar with the private jet charter services that important business executives use to jet across the country to a meeting, but did you know that chartering is a viable option for individuals and groups looking for high service, convenience or possibly even saving money on traveling? From airline to bus travel to limousines, I explore some of your chartering options.

Would you be interested in having me write a guest post for your site? Alternatively I could just supply you with some great trend information that you can use to write a post yourself.

Let me know if you’re interested – I think this topic will be of great interest to your readers.

Thanks for your time and best regards,

Margot M

So, how about it, you elite, posh readers of INP? Is this topic of great interest to you? I know most English teachers in Korea are getting bored of dealing with the tiresome details of first class travel, anyway. Don't be bogged down with the masses any longer. Margot has a way out for you.

Remember the days when the random companies contacting me to advertise on my site were toilet supplies retailers? I am fucking moving up, my friends. From shit bowls to private jets. I have arrived.


Rob-o-SE-yo said...

actually, I'd be satisfied if I could just get some slightly chilled grey poupon at a Korean rest stop.

Can Margot help me with that?

I'm no Picasso said...

Would you like her email address? You can write to her and ask!

Rob-o-SE-yo said...

actually, I'm busy entertaining offers from online phone card stores. So if you give me her phone number, I can try out the phone card they just offered me.