Getting back on the ball.

So, you know the little pull down menu thing that pops up in your browser when you go to type in a web address? The one that shows all the websites you frequent? I'm a fucking pro at technology terms, obviously. But you know what I mean. Well. Mine doesn't even feature this blog anymore.

That's sad. I check other people's blogs more often than I log into my own these days. And I guess it's about time for that to change.

That having been said, I've got a mean case of jet lag which, like hang overs and conservative behavior, seems to only get worse with age. So. Today is not that day. But I'm hoping that tomorrow will be.

I'll start of with a long, meandering story about how something I wrote about a long time ago, my students, and some subway station religious freaks have all come together to form some kind of complicated saga I'm going to have to sort out sooner than I'd like to.

Life is odd. As per usual.

And you know how I said going home always jolts me into new realizations about how I'm feeling and thinking about my time here, and the future? This time was no different, but what got jolted was surprising. This time, it didn't have anything to do with career or location. It had everything to do with that guy who has been one of the main things taking my attention and focus away from this blog for.... good God almighty, going on a year now.

Nothing major, obviously. But just realizing how important he is. And coming to be at peace with that.

So. Tomorrow. Serious paragraphs and run-on sentences that go for miles. I promise.

Happy to be back.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back ^^ I'm looking forward to your post~

Rob-o-SE-yo said...

i, too, look forward to the long ramblings.