The 태근 Express.

.... runs around like a wild man during the break time. Shouts everyone into their seats: "SHIT DOWN AND SHUTTA MOUSE EBERYBODY RIGHT NOWUH!" Right before disappearing across the hall to the bathroom after the bell has gone, himself. I chase him down the hall and drag him back in. He answers every standard lesson-opening question with a resounding, "네~~!" (incorrect: this is English class). And then promptly puts his head down on his desk.

He's not sleeping. He's just resting. Like a puppy, after it gallops through the house, wearing itself out. His eyes are still following me back and forth across the front of the room.

B Ban and we're working on "If I ____, I would ____." After every 'listen and repeat', I ask a couple of students to answer the example on the spot, to check and reconfirm everyone's comprehension. I've got one kid staring back at me, trying his best to work out the right word for "buy", in response to the question, "If you had 100,000 won, what would you do?" His eyes roll back and he's almost got it, when suddenly Taegeun pops his head up like a prairie dog: "I WOULD BUY SOME NICE CLOTHES!" Everyone's heads swing around in his direction. No one was expecting that, least of all from Taegeun. He shoots us all a look and says, "What?" and then pulls the biggest, cheesiest grin I've seen all week.

"Taegeunah.... you're like a roller coaster. Do you know what that means?"

Taegeun nods: "I know, Teacher."


Skeptigirl said...

You are so charitable with those little animals. I would never be a teacher because I would probably kill all my students. They sound lucky to have you.

karisuma gyaru said...

hahaha... he sounds adorable. i always like the crazy ones the best.

karisuma gyaru said...
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