Guest English Teacher. GET the fuck out of my face with that.

Maybe no one remembers the cheerful racist co-teacher I mentioned having lunch with last semester, who I would be teaching with this semester. The goody-two-shoes type who asked me if teaching wasn't difficult for me? Apparently, after a week of watching me teach, she's realized that it isn't difficult for me and has already decided that she doesn't need to be in the classroom with all of us. Which is just as well, because the few times she did attempt to clear her little mouse throat and say something to the students, they completely ignored her.

That gives that comment a whole new light. Maybe she was genuinely trying to confide in me or something. But she's not new? She's been a teacher for several years. They're just first graders. They're not even life-sized yet.

Two of the second grade teachers have also already begged off, and I have a feeling a fourth first grade teacher is going to by the end of this week.

When is my district going to stop calling me an "assistant"? Just curious.


Adeel said...

My contract says I'm an assistant even though I teach my own classes with almost no oversight, as in I don't think anyone knows or cares what I teach.

I think it's just a name in some situations, maybe applied uniformly to mollify teacher's unions, sort of the way American bases are called "camps" in Korean.

I'm no Picasso said...

I'm mostly joking. I don't really care what they call me, so long as I don't get control of my classes taken away. I just think it's funny that the co-teachers are falling off so quickly this semester. Usually it takes them at least a month!