Back in Black.

Um. What can I say? It was a busy summer? No. It wasn't. It was a pretty laidback summer. It was a good summer. I just didn't have much to blog about..... or I didn't feel like blogging.

I still kinda don't, to be honest. But the school year usually brings about issues and conversations and happenings which are blog-relevant, so we'll just give it a minute, eh?

Basically, I'm back and work and dead happy about that. I'm pathetic during vacation. My mood has increased ten-fold since being back in a regular teaching environment with all of my coworkers around to banter with throughout the day. HT managed to call me on the last day of my vacation and completely ruin everything, only for me to be a bit cheerfully passive aggressive and get everything put back to right yet again.

The way I've come to think of her is.... there's this Dorothy Parker short story, right? It's called "Too Bad" and it's about a seemingly perfect couple's marriage falling apart, to the dismay of their peers who can't understand what could have possibly gone wrong. But what went wrong was that they were so ordinarily happy on the surface, with all kinds of boredom and restrained resentment boiling under the surface. Pretty standard suburban subject matter. But the point is, there's this scene near the opening where the wife is wandering around the house trying to give it "feminine touches". She's moving things from the mantel to the coffee table, adjusting the angle of flowers and lamps. She's trying to make a difference in something that isn't even a problem to begin with, just to feel as though she has the talent to do so. Just to feel somehow useful. But what she realizes, in the end, is that everything already looks best the way that it is (the way that the maid has it arranged).

Do you see where I'm going with this?

It's annoying. But so far it's been manageable. And getting a lot easier now that I've realized that she is, at least, not stubborn about it.

Anyway. That's all I've got for you right now. Obviously I spent a large chunk of my vacation time reading in cafes. What a crashing bore, eh? Fuck you anyhow. At least I didn't blog about it....

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Mr Nameless said...

HT sounds like the kind of person that should be actively encouraged to play with electricity with wet hands. Why do bosses more often than not lack the ability to do their job?