I love being tossed in the backseat.

Question: Whose classes for summer vacation were planned first -- mine or the Korean teachers'?

Question: Who decided they wanted the morning hours for their classes because it's not as hot, the students are more alert, and that means they can leave school four hours earlier than if they have to hold their classes in the afternoon?

Question: Whose classes just got fucking booted to the afternoon?

All the other teachers have all of their classes at the same time. The students have to choose one among all of the other teachers' classes. So why is mine the only one being separated out?


Ethelfleda said...

I don't know why you are sticking around. Quit and find another school! D=

Burndog said...

This reads like one of my posts! Afternoon classes during summer camp is a stupid idea. Really fucking stupid. I mean...if I didn't know you I wouldn't believe it.

MikejGrey said...


You can do a lesson on fire safety during camp in the summer. Bring in some marshmallows. Graham crackers. Chocolate. The smoldering corpse of the HT. It'd be great.

Flint said...

Might be time to move on.

3gyupsal said...

That sucks. Just wait and see. Your new co might not show up in the morning so you might be able to get away with showing up a few hours late. Just do it a few times and see what happens. Sometimes if you act like you aren't doing anything wrong you can get away with things. If you don't want to resign your contract it won't even matter. Summer classes are a bitch.