Is it Head Teacher's fault you don't update as much as you used to? (Too much BS) or is there just less to write about?

This is a fair question. There are a few reasons why I haven't been updating as much. One is definitely that my workload has been far and away the heaviest it's ever been this semester. I haven't had much free time while I'm at work, and have been staying longer and longer after hours at work. I'm also teaching a lot more, which means I'm just more tired when I get home.

The other thing is that I started dating Busan. I know that's an annoying, kind of pathetic answer. But the fact is, he works and lives an hour away from me. Which means that seeing him during the week once or twice eats up my entire evening. Add in the volunteer hours at the study room, which also eat up an entire evening, and maybe one more having coffee or dinner with a friend, and the entire week is just gone. The weekends have been disappearing similarly.

I'm also re-doing a room in my flat, meeting a lot of new people, working on a few projects, and completely failing at keeping in touch with my friends and family back home and in other places. So, no. It's not that there's not as much to write about. It's that I'm a little busier doing than writing at the moment.

Basically, part of it is HT's fault, and part of it is just my own. Plus, this time of year is generally just busy for me anyway. I hope to get some focus back when vacation comes up in a couple of weeks, and I have a lot more free time. We'll see.

In the meantime, I update on Tumblr roughly five times a day with absolute useless nonsense. If you really miss me.

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