The weirdest email I have ever received.

Since I started this blog, I've been constantly pleasantly surprised by the conversations and connections that I have been able to form and be a part of.

I have also been constantly surprised by the level of weird that exists out in the world. From creepy, to misguided, to offensive..... to downright silly. I've had it all come through my inbox. And hardly ever with any actual intent of malice, it has to be said. That all falls into a different category which isn't even worth addressing.

That having been said, this week everything I've ever seen kind of got topped a little bit. Not because of the subject matter at hand, so much as because of the level of sheer enthusiasm on display. I dunno. I'm trying not to go at it with too much judgment. I mean, I think I'd probably be just as weirded out if I got the same email about chickens or cows or pigs. But I would probably find it a bit more odd if the person involved had never actually eaten chicken or cow or pig.....

I mean. It's kind of like how I find people who are really into hunting to be a bit.... psychologically questionable at times. Not people who hunt. Because, after all, every time I eat meat I am playing a part in that. Something died, and something was killed, and I just basically didn't have the balls to be the one to do it. But I find doing a task, or even enjoying a task, for an end result to be a little different from the people who are like...... FUCK YEAH! LET'S GO KILL AND SKIN SOME SHIT! I mean. That weirds me out. It just does.

That having been said, I guess I don't really see the problem. It just struck me as more than a bit odd.

Without further ado:


I hope you don't mind getting an email from a stranger. I have a strong desire to eat dog and I came across your blog while searching for stories from people who have.

Your posts on eating dogs are thoroughly enjoyable! Even if I disagreed with you, I would have enjoyed reading them, as they are incredible articulate and well-structured. As it happens, I am very much in agreement with you. That's why I wanted to write, because I'm so excited to discover someone with views about eating dogs so similar to mine.

Like you, I think that meat is meat, whether it comes from a cow or a dog. When I eat meat, I never pretend that I don't know the origin: an animal was killed & I have no problem with that. In fact, I embrace that. I also love wearing leather and fur. Just as in the case of meat, I have no problem wearing leather that comes from dogs -- I actually have several pairs of sneakers made from dog and they're my absolute favorites.

Unfortunately, since I live in the US, I've never had the opportunity to eat dog. If I could, I'd eat dog every day; everyone I've ever talked to who has eaten dog says it's delicious. I wish people here would be less hypocritical and just start farming dogs for food and leather too.

Back to why I love your blog posts. I like how you carefully argue in parts: first you successfully challenge others to say why eating dogs is supposed to be different than eating other animals; and then you save the best for last when you point out that if a consistent vegan disagrees, that's still just their opinion! You're unapologetic and unwavering -- I love it! I will never stop eating and wearing animals and I'll never apologize for doing so.

Again, sorry to intrude on you but thanks for letting me share and for writing those awesome posts. Keep eating those dogs!

Now. I have one question and one question only, really, about this email. Well. False. I have a lot more than one question. But there's only one question I really feel I need (or even really maybe want) to hear the answer to, and that is:

Where on the face of fuck do you find shoes made from dog leather in the U.S.?

I'm serious. I want to know.


Anonymity said...

hahahahahaha ohmygod. wow.

There are things that I really love eating... but they are all things I've eaten before. It just seems so strange to want to eat something every day if that's something you've never before tasted. Sure, other people might think it's delicious, but you might not.

And dog sneakers??

Rob-o-SE-yo said...

Maybe they mean hush puppies.

But... yeah. It's one thing to like meat. It's another thing to get quite THAT excited about eating the meat of any particular animal.

THen again... maybe the bliss out exactly this way about barbeque chicken, too.

the word verification word is "prowt"
as in "Meat eater, and prowt of it!"

Mr Nameless said...

I like the way he talks about "wearing animals". Like there's no skinning or tanning process taken place, he just squeezes his feet into a pair of dead dogs and voila: dog shoes.

Mr Nameless said...

Oh, and it's wrong to eat dogs. As Jules said: A dog's got personality. (Pulp Fiction)

I'm no Picasso said...

Hehe. I've missed your commentary, Mr. Nameless.

Burndog said...

Now...I do read your blog a lot...but I don't remember your regular rants on the virtues of eating Lassie. Now...as you know Liz...I'm pretty fucking clueless...so these rants could be all over the place...but I've never seen one.

As for dogs for food and leather...I've generally worked off the assumption that if they were incredibly tasty/great for wearing on your feet...then the whole world would be doing it.

Rob-o-SE-yo said...

Mr. Nameless:

maybe if you kick the dog hard enough... voila! Instant dog shoes (nice and warm too, at first) make sure to kick the right size though.

(I know I'm a horrible person with a sick sense of humor)

Gomushin Girl said...

Ok, I have eaten dog. It is not delicious. I mean, it's not bad. I have no major objections to its taste, but if I were to rank the flavor and merits of dog against other more socially acceptable meats, it would be near the bottom of that list. It's better than possum, but that's about it. If you want an exotic meat, go eat kangaroo or emu or ostridge or something that's been responsibly farmed and actually tastes really good.

Helena said...

Okay, I laughed.