My saving graces.

The other night at hwaeshik, I sent one of my old co's a bit of a coded message via text message:

I am really, really, really missing you at 회식 right now. Let's catch up soon.

She answered back a few minutes later:

Oh, Liz. I get your meaning. We will catch up soon for sure. 화이팅!!

Another of my old co-teachers is sharing the office with me and the new co, and she might be the only thing keeping me sane. Other than the fact that I’ve decided to just not be upset by the situation or anything that comes out of the woman’s mouth anymore. Today, she waited for the new co to leave the room and then leaned over the partition between our cubicles:

“Last night me and Ms. [Other Old Co] had dinner together.”

“Oh, really?”

“We discussed many things.” Narrows her eyes meaningfully. “About our new work situation.” Very nearly winks at this point.

“Oh yeah?”

“Next time, you come with us.”

“Yes. I would really, really like that.”

New Co walks back into the office.

“We will discuss things.”

Later on, while the new co was out again, she leaned back in her chair and eye-balled me for a minute.

“She has a lot to say.”

I answered, “Yeah… she really does. And most of it is to me.”

Narrowing her eyes and nodding her head slowly: “I see her intention.”

“What’s that?”

Leaning forward and cupping her hand around her mouth in a stage whisper: “She’s practicing her English!”

Fuck sake. With old co-teachers like that, you can’t blame me for being disappointed.

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Gomushin Girl said...

I know this is cold comfort, but while she may be a lousy co-teacher she makes for very entertaining reading!