Just a quick note to say....

  • I'm way behind on my Korean "homework", which is why this is going to be quick. Aka, I'm about to go to bed.
  • We're going way too fast in the book at school, thus this week is a "game" week. Thus, my voice is coming and going as it damn well pleases (games are too exciting and create the need for much louder and more frequent "HEY!"s than usual).
  • Little Taeyoung at the study room needs to be cloned and sped up by ten years so that I can marry him (am I still allowed to say things like that? was I ever?). My printer gave up on life altogether today at work just before I had to head out, so we had only a minimal amount of materials to work with tonight. When I started the lesson by explaining the situation, and that we would have a short session, and said he was a lucky guy, he lowered his chin and said, "Oh Teacher. No. Very sad. Small time together, very sad." He also played the piano for me last week for my birthday and refuses to purposely excel at the games we play with each other, claiming a manners namja always lets the lady win.
Uh. Yap. Those are all the excuses I currently have to blog rather than study. So. Now I'll go clean something instead. Obviously.

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qing said...

A manners namja? ...oh, he's too sweet for words.