My sweet babies....

.... Didn't I ask you to please ignore them?

I deal with adolescent children all day every day. I do know how to handle this. Please trust me.


Roboseyo said...

Dear I'm No Picasso

[insult to writer goes here], after reading around, I see you are nothing but [derogatory term for women] who does nothing but [behavior that rapists use to justify rape] and [behavior that insinuates bad character which thereby is used by rapists to also justify rape... because it's ok to rape bad people donchaknow]. Why don't you take your [slur for feminists] views and [vulgar exhortation to remove them]. I hope [description of horrible thing] happens to you next time you [crass description of previously described 'bad character' behaviors].

Sincerely: NeanderTroll

Gee, isn't this fun.

I'm no Picasso said...

See? Rob's got it all covered. No need to keep beating yourselves over the head scraping out these labored, original comments.

I am exicted to keep a watch on my Statcounter, and see how many times a day they continue to return, even when they know all comments will just be ignored and deleted. Because at this point they have no excuse left, other than the fact that they just can't stand *not* reading my blog.

Roboseyo said...

just remembered: turned on moderation at 'seyo