Are Korean women really as passive as portrayed in the media?

Which media?

Yes. All Korean women are exactly as passive as they are portrayed in every form of media. At every moment, with every person and in every situation. Exactly.

In other words, I don't know how to answer questions that come from such a loaded, presumptuous starting point. Specifics are your friend when asking questions based around race, ethnicity and even culture.

I think I can basically sort of handle this one by just saying 'no', however. I think that's the safe answer on this one.

But it is going to give me a chance to point something out that gets on my fucking tits. Let's try this again, with a hypothetical question coming from the other direction, yeah?

Korean person: "Are Western women really as slutty as portrayed in the media?"

Again, the first question is, which media? The next question is, what classifies as "slutty"? Because slutty in Western culture is not the same as slutty in Korean culture, and just in general, I'm not a fan of the whole idea to begin with. Am I slut in Korean culture? Am I slut in Western culture? Both cultures have very different concepts of 'slutty' behavior, on the whole. In Korean culture, I could be considered a slut for having a male friend into my apartment alone in the middle of the day. Am I slut, then? Would every Korean consider that slutty behavior? Would some Westerners?

I feel like I'm kind of constantly not answering questions, and lecturing instead. And I can see how that would make people hesitate to ask them of me, but I just can't bypass the fact that a lot of the questions I get start out from (in my opinion) really, really problematic places. This would definitely qualify as one. And, as for the second, hypothetical question, I would feel qualified to really dig into that one. Because I come from Western culture, and I am a Western woman, and I am a Western woman who is learning to live within and adapt to Korean culture. But I'm not a Korean woman, and I don't come from Korean culture, and I have no idea what it feels like to come from Korean culture and have myself examined from the perspective of Western cultural norms. So I guess you're just shit out of luck on this one, Anon. Sorry.

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

good to have you back kiddo. i missed these.

Wonder Woman said...

I love reading your blog. You have such a way of explaining things in a no non-sense way that entertains and informs! It is good to see you posting again.

Hasani said...

"Ask Me Anything"

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