Boohoohoo. And bus humiliation.

Boohoohoo. INP is so mean. She writes a blog and posts it up in public and then doesn't whimper and snivel every time some randomer stops in to pontificate on the perspective she should have. Waaaaaaaaah. She told me to get fucked when I spouted absolute fucking nonsense.

Don't get confused about where you are, lovelies. To wit:

If you think I'm a bitch, you know where the x is. Love!

On the other hand. On the bus tonight. Approximately half of a very good looking handball team climb on. Buzz cuts. Muscles. Things of that sort. I start to think to myself, should possibly join a gym. Should possibly take up sport. Don't know much about handball. Have never seen a match. Could possibly learn. Could possibly..... be taught.

Here comes my stop. Pencil skirt, high heeled boots, snow slush, several steps and a wicked bus driver between me and the door. Not a problem. I got this. I'm smooth. I'm cool as fu-- I'm sitting in the best looking one's lap. Right now. Directly in his lap. Sitting down. There.

Can never join a gym in this neighborhood. Can never attend any handball matches in the metropolitan area. Can possibly never even ride the number 14 bus ever again.

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Anonymous said...

You should have stayed there :)