Dear whoever found my blog by googling "korean girlfriend doesn't put out",

Maybe it's because you refer to it as 'putting out'. And because you seem to have a serious fucking attitude problem. You're disgusting. And not sexy. She's probably afraid the sex would be horrible. Try being less gross, judgmental, entitled and desperate. Try evolving your vocabulary past the tenth grade. And your perspective on women, as well. Then maybe she won't expect the sex to also be like in high school, and won't avoid it so eagerly.


Dear whoever found my blog by googling "the appeal of strong women",

Well hello, sailor.



Gloria said...


That is all.

Anonymous said...

Number Two may just have an S/M fetish.

Kel said...

omg your blog.

I'm no Picasso said...

Gloria -- :)

KPP -- Nothing wrong with that.

Kel -- .... I know.

Burndog said...

I went with the Googles this morning as well. I'm stunned by some of the terms people use...that somehow when put into Google...end up at my blog. It seems...impossible!

Oh...and as nice as what number two said is...if he had to Google it...he isn't ready for a strong woman just yet!

I'm no Picasso said...

Burn -- It's really bizarre stuff sometimes. I'm *still* getting hits from that bondage/stockings post I made. Like, a lot of them.

Also, you're probably right. But I think it's slightly less horrible than trying to use google to figure out why your (specifically Korean) girlfriend won't "put out". A phrase which literally makes me think of putting the dog or cat's food out for them in the afternoon when you get home from work. Gross.

Burndog said...

It's terribly juvie isn't it? It's not a phrase we really use in Australia...we have enough oafish terms of our own!

He should be asking how he got a girlfriend of any nationality and persuasion at all. Perhaps the fellow who was trying to deal with the appeal of strong women and mister put out...were...the same guy!!! Dramatic times!!

I have a mate back home who is dating "the" Strong Woman in a circus...I shit you not. She's really lovely...strong (in every sense of the word) and really...lovely. Yeah.

I should eat.