And now for something completely unrelated to Korea.

So, the other night me and The Kid spent three hours hashing out this vacation nonsense. The original plan was just to meet in Greece. Why Greece? Because it's not that far from the UK (where The Kid resides) and the weather would be relatively warm. The trouble is, she can only stay away for a week, and I have two weeks vacation. And this is the only time during the year that we can see each other. And, despite having lived thousands of miles apart for the entirety of the past seven years, we are still best of. So. As I have a way of doing, I invited myself to her flat in Glasgow for a week, in addition to our week in Greece. I like Glasgow. I like the kids in Glasgow. I like The Kid. It would be worth the extra cash, while I have the precious vacation time. Plus, I get antsy as fuck when I'm in the ROK and not working.

The trouble is, flying to Greece, then Glasgow, then back to the ROK would cost over $2000. Flying to Glasgow, then Greece, then Glasgow, then the ROK would cost $1300. Amazing, that. But it would suck up loads of extra time. So we decided to settle on somewhere closer. To the UK, that is.

Confused yet? Fucking hell. You should've seen the state of us trying to work this out.

The long and the short of it is, we found a flight from Edinburgh to Milan (from where we could easily travel to Venice, as well) for 50 pounds, and a flight from Glasgow to Barcelona for 18 (18!) pounds. Obviously, Barcelona is the easy choice. But we still can't make up our feeble minds. We gave ourselves "a night" to think on it, and here it is, two days later, and still nothing has been decided. Part of the problem, I think, is that The Kid got pick-pocketed last she was in Spain and a little afraid to go back, and I, in the meantime, appear to have developed some kind of emotional attachment to this photo of cakes in Milan:

I need those cakes. On my vacation. I need those cakes.

We both conducted Facebook polls, which both came out overwhelmingly in favor of Barcelona. But I think we still need help. Tell me why I should give up on the cake of my dream and take the chance of having the ultimate tourist experience of having my pocketbook lifted and just give up and go to Barcelona. Or, if you have reasons why my campaign for excellent cake should be supported in the form of a slightly less convenient, slightly more expenive trip to Milan instead, please make them known. We need to make up our minds. Yesterday.


Ricecake said...

If the much cheaper ticket AND the facebook poll didn't convince you, then you should just go to Milan. It's what you really want to do. If you really wanted to go to Barcelona, you would think "Ah, it is cheaper AND it's where I really want to go."

Do not give up on your cakes.

Sarah said...

After several years of looking at the beautiful-yet-ultimately-disappointing cakes from Paris Baguette et al, I say you go for it and go to Italy.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Anthony Bourdain do a Spain episode? If that doesn't convince you, then go to Milan (which I hear, even from Italians, is sort of a dull, grey, boring city based on money as opposed to the colorful chaos of southern Italy - but I'm biased. I love central and southern Italy.).

Sara-Jayne said...

Both are amazing, but I don't know if you'd want to do a whole week in Barcelona. Getting around Italy is SO easy, the trains are super fast and comfortable, so you can easily get around.

But if you want to stay in one city..then go to Barcelona, because I have heard lots more nice things about Barcelona than Milan

Venice/Rome/Florence on the other hand.....very acceptable! But guess it won't really matter since you'll be with the Bestie! I would just eenie meenie miney mo!

JLR said...

Ricecake is right, first of all. And the streets will be nice for people watching. Plus, then you can say you've been to Milan, so even if you don't like it, if in the future some snooty woman starts talking about how much she looooves Milan, you can shrug and say, "meh, it wasn't that great."

This Is Me Posting said...

The cake is a lie.

I'm no Picasso said...

Everyone -- Thank you. I think we will probably just flip a coin. Because we're idiots.

The thing is, we do both like the idea of Italy more. But preferably Rome or Florence. But we can't get a flight to either of those places. So go with the idea of Italy in possibly disappointing cities, or give it up and go to Spain, even though we have no particular attachment to Spain.

Nothing says we can't do both, eventually.

This Is Me Posting -- WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT? They're not like the Paris Baguette cakes, are they? All looks, no flavor?

Nathan said...

The cake is not a lie, follow your dreams. Of cake.