There are days when I really, really wish my Korean was better. Most of them involve the kongbubang.

So last week that student cussed me out, right? And I've been predicting an implosion of the study room situation for a while. I guess that was just enough for the head teacher, because I don't know what happened exactly, but basically it sounds like there was a bit of a skirmish, and the boys walked. There were only a few left -- they're nearly in high school now, anyway, and have been dropping like flies, as they mostly realize that studying hard at this point isn't going to do them much good. In Korea, it's basically the equivalent of trying to get your shit together the last semester of high school -- too little, too late. I don't know if Jeongwoo was told to leave, the others (including his twin) followed, or if, upon the correction of the head teacher, he decided to peace out and the others went behind. I have no idea. All I know is, they kept claiming it wasn't just the situation with me, but that their attitudes have been shit all around, and basically had been only showing up for my class for a while.

Saving face and that, so who fucking knows. But when I went in tonight, there was one fresh faced little middle school first grader waiting for me. They asked if I could come in earlier at 5 to teach the elementary school kids, but there's no way -- I get off work at 4:30, and it takes roughly an hour and fifteen minutes to get there. I told them the best I could do was maybe 5:30, and that's with taking a taxi to the bus stop.

So I guess it's just me and rosy cheeked little Taeyoung for now. Which after how bad things were last week is sort of alright with me. I loved those boys and all, and most of them were lovely most of the time, but Joohyeong and Jeongwoo were getting more and more nasty, and I don't really need to spend my free time taking shit off sixteen year olds. I've got too much of a temper for that to have gone well for much longer.

At work, we've got two weeks until finals and the tension is palpable. We're doing a game this week, as we've been doing book work for absolute ages -- only actually managed to get around to one "game" day this whole semester, since I extended one chapter into a whole huge project. Chapter 12 next week and then "I like to movie movie" time until vacation. But the next two weeks are going to be rough. Their hard-wiring is starting to spark and sputter. It's too the point where I've begun to use the word "stupid" for impact. Not as in, "You're stupid," but as in, "This is stupid," and that old classic, "Are you crazy!?" Hahahaha Teacher so funny.

Yeah. Yuck it up, clowns. Post-exam Movie Movie Time is optional, need I remind you? I have all the power now.


Kel said...

OMG I have been waiting ALL YEAR to show a movie. I'm so excited to watch Elf 21 times the last 2 weeks of December. Teacher has senior-itis, too...

I'm no Picasso said...

Seriously. I have Elf memorized already, but the best part is watching them piss themselves laughing at the exact same places in every single class. It makes me depressed about how simple movie marketing must be.

CeilingofStars said...

::sigh:: I'm so envious. My third graders finished finals like two weeks ago, and my vice principal has forbidden me from showing movies or giving 'free study' time. And my third graders were almost unbearable *before* finals, when at least they had the motivation of getting bonus points from good behavior in my class. So basically I've been doing like summer camp, with comics and games and what not. Except with 7 classes of 36 increasingly confrontational and disrespectful middle school third graders.

Not fun -_-;