I'm alive. Just really busy/tired/cold. I slow down in the winter. And winter just came out of nowhere and bitchslapped me right in mah face. Um. There are a lot of things to say. Like answering some of the bazillion fantastic questions I have piling up in my inbox, or how cute Pepero Day was this year, or how really into designing robots the first graders are, while I continue to crack the bitch-whip with the second graders and come out (mostly) on the winning end. Or how the boys at the center are lovely, even though I think the center is kind of falling apart and my even close down or something soon. I'm gonna ride it out as long as they'll let me.

Uh. But mostly I'm going to bed now. Because five classes of robots plus tutoring our high level students in between classes, during lunch and after school to help them prep for international highs, and dragging the boys through the lesson at the center tonight even though they're in the midst of finals has fucking exhausted me. And I'm cold. And wearing sweat pants over knee socks over tights just isn't cutting it the way my two big fluffy blankets will.

I'm going ito Greece soon. I have Thursday off of work. I'm kind of a redhead now.

Do you feel kind of updated? No? I'll just go back to radio silence until I have something valid to say (or time to say it) again, then. You'll survive, my lovelies. I just know that you will.


cherryogarcia said...

speaking of... when is greece?

is the it week of valentine's day?

haha... no really.

I'm no Picasso said...

Haha I don't think so. That's a bit late for my schedule. We need to work out when exactly you want to go though, because I do have some flexibility, but it's a little more like January/the first week of February kind of flexibility. Usually my vacation is the last week of Jan./first week of Feb.

What do you think? And will you be my valentine?

cherryogarcia said...

i will be your valentine, of course.

also, either of those weeks will be fine. the 1st week in february might be better? although, i don't really know why. probably because i start class on the 10th and won't be getting back from texas till the 11th.