No more clubs; dirty Incheon girl at heart.

My feet hurt. My lungs hurt. I seem to have developed some fantastic thirst that can never be not even satisfied, but even just slightly subdued. I've woken up 5 hours later than when I normally "sleep in" and wasted most of the day. And I got followed by another creepy pervert in broad daylight this morning. Not nearly as bad as the last time -- kind of standard street harassment type of stuff, the kind of which is common enough and not really worthy of comment, except for the fact that I went through what I went through last weekend, wherein I had started out thinking the same thing and it got much worse. I'm a little jumpy.

I had a great time with good company last night, but all night clubbing is just not for this girl. And it's the pervert thing that's really the issue. On the one hand (and if I were younger), I could be all, 'I'm not going to let them control where I go and what I do! Rah!' And that would be fair enough. And if it were like, say, coffee shops in the afternoon that usually resulted in the harassment, then I'd be inclined to stand up and fight. But since it's stumbling off the first bus home at 7 am which is in question, I think I can be persuaded to part ways with the practice.

The whole thing has put me quite on guard, and I've noticed this past week that I've been way too sensitive about walking past men on the street, or the usual 'foreigner' stares out of men, which don't mean anything in particular most of the time. The whole experience has put a bit of a chip on my shoulder, and I don't like that. And I don't want it to get worse. So if I'm going to get harassed every time I walk home from the bus station at 7 am, then I just won't do it anymore.

Not because I'm caving in on anything, but just because I can't really be bothered anyway. I don't really care for clubbing in general. The whole atmosphere is off. I prefer just sitting down to a few beers where actual conversation (however limited) is possible. More fun, more interesting, more rewarding. Less hard on the pocketbook and head in the morning. I've told the dating bloggers that they've shown me their world, so now they have to give me a chance to show them mine -- they should come out and see how we do it in dirty Incheon some time. Although I'm sure Dating in Korea won't, given her prejudice against our boys out here.

Smalltown keeps insisting that I need to move out of my craphole neighborhood. His girlfriend says that even for Incheon it has an awful reputation. Lots of "knuckleheads and hardarses about", as he puts it. He's right. But some of those 'knuckleheads and hardarses' are my students, who I'm quite fond of. So I suppose I'll take the bad with the good.

Anyway, I'm tired as fuck, so this is all you can expect out of me today. Mags took up all my verbal energy with an interview for an article he's writing just now. So it's mandoo and internet tv 'ftw' this afternoon.


Grace said...

Bah! I'll come. I'd love for an Incheon guy to prove me wrong. I always start OFF with the best impressions. But, somehow, after one or two conversations the true nature appears. (However, I'm sure a lot of Incheon boys are nice. I mean, they have to be right? Well. At least SOME have to be, right? I mean, you've met at least one, right? Haha.) Anyway, count me in. If I'm willing to go to SuYu to meet a guy, I'm willing to come to Incheon to meet you.^^

palladin said...

Clubbing with the guys was fun when I was 20 ~ 21, now that I'm 28 it just doesn't hold much appeal. Now taking the GF out dancing is hella fun but we rarely stay out past 2am.

And down in Daegu there is this one club that is just infested with kids. I swear half the people there are in high school.

Burndog said...

I'm 35...my walking frame is banned in all but the most open minded of clubs.

I'm no Picasso said...

Grace -- I'd love for one to prove you wrong as well! I've never had one be quite so base as you've described. I've actually met a lot who seem somehow more innocent than their Seoul counterparts? Like, I've had a few of them get really flustered when, just as friends in broad daylight, I suggest going back to my place for one thing or another (to use the internet for something, or cook or something).

I dunno. I think Incheon *girls* are tougher, and the guys seem to be more adapted to that. If you give most Seoul guys a bit of a hard time, they tend to get really pouty and angry really quickly, whereas Incheon guys tend to take a shine to you for it. They may make more jokes or sexual references or whatever, but it seems to be somehow on a more equal level, whereas whenever something like that comes up with the guys I meet in Seoul, it almost always seems to be somehow really disrespectful, like they think they can just get away with talking to you like that.

Anyway, it'll be a good time one way or another. Bring your Konglish/pidgin Korean skills with you. We don't have many who are fluent out here.

Burn -- I may be 25 in body (although according to my students, that's 'unbelievable!') but I'm about 56 at heart. Most of the time I spend in clubs feels like the equivalent of "GET OFF MAH LAWN!"

One guy grabbed Grace's face the other night, and I muttered to her under my breath about how he better not even think about -- And she said, um or what? Because-- and then, sure enough. Face grabbage. I cannot fucking abide face grabbage. That shit is for children under the age of five.

Sidney said...

oh, if you feel old not being able to club at 25 i feel like i'm practically dead. at 21 i already prefer your way of doing things.