A couple of quick notes:

1. Re: The book donation thing. To answer one question which came up, no I don't think they're looking for text books. I believe they are looking for regular children's reading material. Also, something to think about. What The Book? offers free shipping to the Seoul area. If you don't have any children's books liying around (and how many of us do?), this is a great alternative. You can place an order online for low cost secondhand children's books in English, set the delivery address of the center, pay online from your bank account or simply make a bank transfer at any ATM. That way, all you're out is a little cash and about fifteen minutes of time. Please, please think about it. It doesn't really get much easier than that.

2. The formspring has gone a bit haywire, which is awesome. I love getting questions from you guys. Unfortunately, a lot of you are getting cut off after a few sentences. It seems there is a character limit. If what you wrote exceeded a couple of simple sentences, you may want to try again by emailing me at imnopicasso@gmail.com That way, I'll get the full text of your question and stand a chance at being able to answer it.

And don't worry -- you're not missing anything in the day-to-day life at the moment. We're in exams, which means that work is just me dicking around and reading, or correcting answer sheets, although there is some serious workplace drama going down, which I may get into later. We haven't seen the end of it yet, I'm afraid.

As for ye ole personal life, I'm stupidly busy at the moment. But with all lovely, social things, and the short days for exams are helping out a bit. I'm looking forward to an awesome weekend, which will involve a little more time with HYF and DIK. Let's hope this amazing weather holds.

And for now, I've got to clean my hideously filthy apartment. Nothing's been touched for days, other than me throwing clothes about all over the place, and dumping soiled coffee cups into the sink. And it seems like that's going to be a pattern for a while. So I need to get it the fuck in check.

See? Told you you weren't missing anything.

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mh said...

One other option for those not in Seoul is the program in Busan which does the same thing but just for Nepal. Can't remember the exact details off the top of my head, but there is a collection point down there.