Shanghai S.O.S.

So. Nice.

Word on the street is, you can't get a visa to get into China from South Korea, unless you can present an ARC that is valid for at least six months. My visa is up in October, and can't be renewed until the official documentation of my re-hiring comes down from the MOE next month. Chuseok is in two weeks. And I had just finally made up my mind, after re-checking flight prices and finding they've gone down significantly in the last week.

Any suggestions? Or am I doomed to roam this little peninsula for every vacation from now until forever?



Tuttle said...

You heard correctly. When I applied, they made copies of my ARC to verify this.

Anonymous said...

you don't have your new contract yet? isn't that all you need to renew your arc?

Monica said...

I went to Shanghai last month and had the same situation. I got my visa last-minute by having it done at the Busan consulate (rather than the Seoul embassy) because the rule didn't apply there yet. That might still be the case. This was the travel agent that did it for me, if you're interested: http://www.kangsantravel.com/

MH said...

If you would be interested in visiting other parts of 'China' then Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan don't require this, I think. I know Taiwan definitely doesn't and I'm fairly sure the other two don't either.