Goodbye for now.

I warned you all shit was gonna be a bit slow for a while, and it's more than likely going to continue to be slow for the month of August. In September, I'll return to the ROK and get started on yet another lovely, challenging, frustrating, hilarious, fantastic year. And get back to being Korea-focused.

Recently the focus has been directed toward the poems, and that will continue for the next month. So. I hate to bore everyone with that. If you have any interest, tonight commences the official restarting of the Letter Poems, which you can follow here.

Right. That's me off for the month. Take care, pretty babies.


MikejGrey said...

Nice to meet you!

Selorm said...

byebye, have a safe journey there and back.

Anonymous said...

Safe travels! Don't get lost.

It happens.

Read ya later.

-- .38