Passing notes.

Minwoo and Daeseok have now got it in their heads to make Seokhee translate notes from them to me. Actually, it started with Minwoo, who Co said was "thinking very hard for a long time" this morning about what to say. The next period, a note showed up from Daeseok as well.

For your enjoyment.

Hi Teacher. My name is Minwoo. I was a little tingled the first time I saw you. I thank you for always giving me a smile. Let's spend the rest of the year with you in fun. And I think you are very lovely, beautiful and cute.

Hi Teacher. I am Daeseok. I get a little worried when you come to me. Because I can't speak English well. But. I like speaking to you. Always take care of yourself and live long. P.S. -- Introduce a good boyfriend to Miss Yoon (who has a lot of money).

It could almost make your heart just cave in. If your heart were my heart, anyway.


Asiana said...

HOW SWEET!!!! You are making me fall in love with your boys too!

Anonymous said...

How freaking cute.