Hof busted.

After work today, I just couldn't bear the idea of returning back to the flat to amuse myself (or face the mess that has accumulated there, due to my not being there long enough to do anything other than add to it of late), so I went to a cafe up the road. Today was one of those days where I somehow ended up having to use a lot more Korean than I usually do. It felt good, after falling a bit out of practice. My spoken Korean continues to become more active, and my listening is just flat out habitual at this point -- I'm almost always aware of at least the general subject of what's being discussed around me -- but my written Korean is something that remains largely sorely neglected. Abysmal spelling and that. Today involved writing a note to the VP, receiving and responding to a note from a student (C level -- no English), and sending and receiving approximately 20 texts entirely in Korean.

Speaking and listening to Korean doesn't fuck with my head anymore, but I still get spacey and confused when I'm switching back and forth between reading and writing in English and Korean. I've got to find a way to practice more....

After the cafe, I got home and crashed out for a couple of hours, hoping it would give me the energy to stay up and watch the game tonight (which will begin shortly). Our school anniversary is tomorrow, so we have the day off, and all the students are sure to be up watching.

I was woken up by Smalltown phoning repeatedly to set some things straight. Which I had sort of expected he would do after some thought. And was honestly very happy to have him follow through on. After work, he came round and we went to a hof up the road to split 3000cc and catch up.

That kid's great in a crisis, it has to be said. He has a way of asking just the right questions, but not reacting to the answers with any kind of overbearing pity. Just talking about shit like normal, even though you can tell it's out of concern, rather than his own interest. It was nice.

Of course, we're sitting in the window, and I look over and see Mingyoo, Dongyoo and Minwoo peering back in at me from the other side of the glass. I quickly stubbed out my cigarette and went out to talk to them. Teacher what are you doing?

What do you think I'm doing? Where am I? I'm drinking beer.

Teacher boyfriend?

Smalltown, anticipating the subject at hand, helpfully formed his arms into a giant heart around his head through the glass when they turned to look at him.

Don't listen to him. He's a liar. Joke-uh. Never mind that.

Continued smaller hand heart pantomines, including a little dance.


When I came back in, he sat back in the booth, clearly pleased with himself and his performance.

"Thanks a lot for that."

"You're very welcome. They looked like good boys."

"Not exactly. But good enough, I guess. Some of my favorites, in spite of myself."

"Wish I had a relationship like that with my students sometimes."

"What do you mean?"

"The way they were looking at you. They clearly respect you a lot."

"I worked hard for that, to be honest. Those boys aren't the kind to take to teachers just because. But you kiss their finicky little asses from time to time and..."

Homeplusin' at 2 am afterward. I love post-midnight Homeplus. And I got some stuff to fix up the last plumbing problem I had only jerry-rigged before, which had come loose again. Now it's fixed for good, with only the slightest bit of leakage.

Debating still on whether or not I'll actually stay up and watch the game. I've got it on now (one of the only things my staticy tv is good for). But mostly I don't want to waste the day tomorrow.

Sorry about the bitchy little mood swing posts. The emotions are still a bit raw. But I suppose I won't give up on humanity entirely just yet.

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