Blah blah blah.

I think I officially have some kind of passive aggressive thing going on with literally all the other foreigners I 'know' (aka have run into and spoken to once) in my neighborhood. They wanted me to go to church. I didn't want to go to church. They wanted me to believe in the Bible. I didn't want to believe in the Bible. I saw this continuing pretty much ad infinitum and cut it off at the pass. Now we pretend not to see each other, which is basically preposterous.

Well. Life wouldn't be right if I continued to exist without being horrified of running into people nearly everywhere I go. So there you have it. Glad that's settled.

I don't really feel like writing here anymore.

My boys are good and funny and stuff. I had a parents open class today and it was hot. Literally. The students mostly controlled themselves from informing me of this over and over and over, though, until the parents had wandered off. Good on them. Got pissy with my six class because for some reason they decided my class was the equivalent of sitting around in a living room watching television and cracking jokes about it today, which, combined with the being really fucking hot and stressed out from the open class, led to me glaring them down until they stopped acting like fools.

The private school teacher got my Jae-in on Friday and that pissed me off as well. Enough to go to the head of the student discipline department (the handsome PE teacher) and explain to him in absurd Korean that Jae-in is a good student and I didn't think he had done anything wrong. From what I gathered, the PE teacher had already come around to that point himself. He still made a point of shouting at Jae-in to stop crying because he wasn't a baby and/or girl, but he confronted the private school teacher over the whole matter.

I feel bad for her. She just honestly doesn't know what to do. But Jae-in didn't deserve an ass-whipping, no matter what he did, because Jae-in just never could deserve an ass-whipping. Period.

The boys at the center are good. I'm going to the DMZ with some students on Saturday. It's hot. I live in Korea. What else do you want me to say? Ah, just bugger off, wouldya?


Anonymous said...

why would you want to deny us of your stories? it's hard enough living without good mexican food around here. and now you're thinking about not writing?

life just wouldn't be the same on the peninsula without your blog. please continue writing!

Laura. said...

^ Ditto