Sports day!

The artist formerly known as The Student With The Punchable Face took advantage of today's free time to make it clear that we have completely buried the hatchet. He even gave me his ice cream, even after I insisted I wouldn't take it, claiming he was full. I gave him free reign of my camera for the day, which seemed to touch him beyond belief. Most of this is his work. He's in the Jjang crew, and I spent a good half of the day with them, so that's why they're so prominently featured.

The moment it all changed, when Mingyoo suddenly overtook Chanseung who had a huge lead. Which is exactly what happened last year.

They swear running in their socks makes them faster.

The monkey crew. Because they all look like monkeys.

Beautiful eyes.

Dongyoo spraying water.

Dongyoo with face paint reworked into eyeliner and Mingyoo making an absolutely beautiful face.

Byeongki's amazing "elements" shirt, which included smartness, Italian, lucky, time and aura.

"Teacher take a picture of this!"

A terrified first grader posing for photos because the Jjang Crew told him to.

Jjang Crew.

Jjang Crew minus the Jjang.


"Teacher we tattoo like Teacher!"

Science. Which is not sports.

Jihyo being an excellent teacher to a first grader.

Modeling Teacher's sunglasses.

Injae, who I nicknamed The Bear, because he's always growling and kind of looks like one. It's stuck, and he's proud of it.

Dumb and Dumber. Again, these names have stuck and they're proud. Don't ask me why.

The infamous Minwoo. Look at those eyes.

Jjang Crew wearing sequined bows (?).

The artist formerly known as The Student With The Punchable Face.

Spot the weoneomin.

Jjang crew. Spot the Jjang.

Doing the Bo Peep Bo Peep dance.

giving Jihwan a flag dongchim, a split second before this has set in with Jihwan.

Yeongchan with Dumber.

Less than half of them, if you can believe that.

The cutest student in the world demonstrating how we all felt by the end of the day.


saharial said...

its so good to see faces to put to names :) and get a feel for the school :) Thanks! They look like a jjang bunch!

Kel said...

Your school looks exactly like mine. I wonder if all the middle schools in Korea have the same basic building with dirt field out front, with a green fiberglass awning, etc.

Mine wear those bows during sports day, too...

Anonymous said...

Sports day looks like a blast

Burndog said...

Kel - If I may be so bold as to address a comment on a blog that is not my own...yes...Korean schools (including Elementary) are generally blessed with similar design elements! My school looks just like this one (dirt field and green awning and all!) too!

Helena said...

Fun pictures!

Anonymous said...

Its good to see the boys. I love seeing then in action. You should let them borrow your camera a WEE bit more. But not a lot. Because who KNOWS what would show up on it. ;p


Kosaru said...

I NEED that elements shirt!!

I'm no Picasso said...

I can admit it. I was a little bit afraid of dick shots.

And then after lunch, TAFKATSWTPF came back to see if he could use the camera again, and I handed it to him and sent him running off. Yeongchan stood there witnessing all of this and said, "Teacher. Your camera. A little dangerous."

"My camera is in a little danger?"

He squinted his eyes and put his forefinger close to his thumb in front of his face. "*Just* a little."


Selorm said...

Wow Im so happy! I actually broke my glasses so I cant read long blog posts and you have pics! Nice one. Looks great, I miss sports days(s). I still have my medals, hasnt been that many years though hahaha

Willie said...

science is not a sport? who says so? HAHAHAHA! nice pics of the hooligans. but where are all the pics of liz teacher?

Tiffani said...

Your students look amazing and adorable. Love the bows!!

Foreigner Joy said...

Fun post ! I put it up on..