Liz's top 10 advice for getting a Korean girlfriend.

K. Whoever's searching for Korean "females".... no. No and no. They're not birds, or dogs. They don't have mating habits, so don't bother googling that either.


Liz's Top 10 Advice for getting a Korean girlfriend:

1. Don't refer to them as "Korean females".

No. That's pretty much it, actually.

(Oh. You all clicked on that one eagerly, didn't you? Psych.)

Here. Have this to make up for it:

So don't you give me that 'boohoohoo' shit
We moving on to that new new new shit

I'm quite excited to see what he'll do, now that he's free....


Anonymous said...

I fucking love you.

I'm no Picasso said...

I fucking love you too.

Chris in South Korea said...

Wait - the top 10 has only one point? Dang, I was hoping for more... LOL.

As someone who's enjoyed the company of a Korean lady, it's much the same as trying to find a lady anywhere else in the world. The language barrier is often cited as an issue - but if you can't communicate, do you honestly think a relationship will magically make you understand each other? You'll get better at each other's languages over time, but going from 0-60 takes more than 8 seconds.

I'm no Picasso said...

Well I don't really feel qualified to make this particular list, given that I've never accomplished the task in question. But I figured what you've said is true, anyhow. You know. Take the occasional shower. Don't act like a jerk. Things like that.

Co recently brought up the infamous "do you like foreigner or Korean man?" subject. She mentioned that cultural differences could cause too many problems in the latter case. I just looked at her and said, "Actually sometimes I feel like I'm from a different culture than American men anyway, so I guess it probably wouldn't make much of a difference."

palladin said...

Absolutely fantastic one Picasso. There is no secret to dating "Korean girls". About the only semi-unique things are the language, and getting a real handle on the culture / "Korean thinking".