MikejGrey said...

Is this a good fuck, or a bad fuck, or just a fuck?

Hey. Word verification wheakemo....

hmm. These are like rorschachs.

I'm no Picasso said...

Definitely not the good kind, my friend. But on the upside, I don't remember what I said -- I believe standing on the porch outside That Bar, I took a good look around and muttered, "Fucking dregs of society, out at this hour...." And Smalltown snapped his head over, said he thought Magnes was back for a minute.

MikejGrey said...


Sorry Liz. I read your blog entry about what went down. Sounds like you were with the dregs of western society that night. Fucking Canadians. Dirty puck chuckers.


Tell Smalltown that event though I'm dead, my spirit lives on