One foot in front of the other.

Teacher, dark circles, why? Teacher very tired face. Students make a many noise? Teacher have a many stress.... Teacher sick? Teacher okay?

Haha. I don't object to this Korean style display of concern via the You Look Like Total Crap What the Hell Happened to You method as much as many other foreigners, mostly because I don't live in denial about the fact that, lately, I do in fact seem a bit fucking disheveled and zombie-esque. Plus, it just gives me hope that there are some days when I manage to look as though I'm not about to fall unconscious at any moment. Which is nice.

I don't know. The problem is that I've inhereted my father's five-to-six hours of sleep at a time max gene, but lately it seems like I need quite a bit more than that. I'm also fucking starving most of the day, but am dealing with a nervous stomach that's not up for taking in much more than half a decent meal at a time. Which is freaking the co-workers out more than anything, obviously, given that they're already convinced my weight loss means I need to eat twice as much as any normal human being to stay alive. They don't understand why I bitch and moan about being hungry for the entire first half of the day, only to pick around at my food at lunch time. It's probably that I've suddenly discovered that Korean food is awful and offensive, don't you know. Which obviously means that it's all their fault.

It's times like these where you wish you had a backup supply of battery pack power. Just plug that shit in, recharge and change it out. Maybe I need a vacation. Buddha's Birthday is coming up mighty quick. But I've got some more reckoning with my future plans to do before I worry about that. Which I will get into more seriously this evening, when, after taking a few days off to think and clear my head of any hysterical emotions, I'll call and check in back home.

Life, pretty babies. It's all too often one foot in front of the other.


Helena said...

I knew someone who suggested, when having digestive difficulties in Korea, to eat a raw carrot. One of those great big ones. I have no idea if this actually helps.

Anonymous said...

I felt like that last year. I had non-physical reasons to feel tired and worn out, but it turned out I also had anemia which made it worse. Maybe you should try going to the doctor...

I'm no Picasso said...

Helena -- It's weird that you should mention that, because I've been eating a load of those giant carrots the last couple of days.

Anon -- I'm not ruling out, but I'm pretty sure it's more emotional stress at the moment than anything. If it continues, I will certainly get my ass down to a doctor, as much as I despise going... thanks for the concern.