Friday afternoon miracle.

Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle.

Remember that badass class I had last Friday afternoon? I reminded them right when they walked in today about their three warnings, and moved them all right up front.

Now, I'd like to point out that the private school teacher drones on and on and on about this class, goes on constantly about how much she has to hit them and how disrespectful they are. We get in there, and she starts fucking translating for them. They are interrupting my lesson with pure fucking nonsense and, not only is she engaging with them in Korean over my English lesson, but she's interrupting to translate their Korean into English for me. While I'm trying to teach. Are you fucking kidding me?

Of course, this only encourages them. It's their Special Time, once again. Apparently they are the only students in this class who fucking matter.

They started in and I warned them. They started explaining to the private school teacher in Korean how that wasn't fair, and the dumb bitch translated their argument and gives me a look as if to say she agrees -- I've been too harsh too quickly. I told them life isn't fair, and if they don't stop arguing and settle down so we can continue class, they're going to get number two. They didn't believe me, because after all, the Korean teacher is arguing their case for them.


"Oh my got!"

After that, they tried just about everything they could: goading me about not speaking 우리 말 in 우리 나라 , telling me that the Korean teacher was lying to me in translating what they were saying, making small little test noises. I would turn around and give a warning look each time, without stopping what I was saying or doing. A few other students in the class -- good students, suddenly found their voices and got up enough balls to start shouting out the answers over their small nonsense, all the way from the back. They did their part, so I took it and ran. I asked a question, the students in the back shouted out the answer with all their might over the students in the front muttering and tittering in Korean, and we all ignored them as a class. After about five minutes of this, and after the private school teacher got the fucking hint and stopped talking to them, they realized that suddenly the only people paying any attention to them at all were themselves. The lot of them ended up with their heads down on the desks, sulking.

Sulking, but quiet.

And even that didn't last. They got bored of sulking after the first half of class and returned to chirping out answers, because at least that way they were getting some attention.

And not one single one of them ended up in the office.

Don't ever let anyone tell you miracles can't happen, kiddos.

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