Me, greeting the next class of students in the hall after a 30 minute school-wide blackout:

"Oh my god! Blackout! Can you believe it!"

[Reactions of varied levels of comprehension.]

Me: "Lights! Kkkkch!"

Hangbin (in Korean): "Foreigners [static] better than Koreans."

Me (in Korean): "Foreigners what?"

Hangbin (in Korean): [Repeats.]

Me (in English): "In English... I don't know that word. Foreigners are what.... do what.... better than Koreans, how?"

Hangbin (in English): "Ah.... sound better?"

"Sound better? I don't understand. Try again."

"Make a noise? 아니.... sound.... describe."

Lightbulb. "Ah! You mean this? Kkkkch!"


"Ah. You think foreigners' sounds are better than Koreans' sounds. I understand. I like Korean sounds though."


"Yeah. Like ㅋㅋㅋ and 'aish!' Or soju sound! KKKKKKKKKKKCH!"

"Oh! Teacher Korean sound good!"

"I am ajeosshi. I know. It's okay."

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Helena said...

LOL! Love it.