Yellow dust plus snow.

For all of those not on the peninsula who may be wondering, this is why I lost my voice on Saturday:
In the spring, in Korea, Yellow Dust blows down from the north in the form of giant clouds of sand and dirt from the Mongolian deserts, which then sweep over China picking up and carrying with them toxic smog and pollution. The whole world outside turns apocalyptic and no one can breathe. It's one of the many meteorological joys of living on the peninsula, the other main one being monsoon season, which I'll start bitching about again come late July, when I begin my month-and-a-half stretch of being pure soggy and not being able to get my jeans to dry.

The strange thing this time is that a huge Yellow Dust weekend has been followed up by a blanket of snow this Monday. Whacky shit. All my favorite things at once. Really. When will the nonsense let up? All I want to do is sit in the sunshine in a park not sweating or hacking for like two weeks. Korea? Please? Make my dreams come true....

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Kel said...

This is really gross, but it helps to illustrate how gross it is so I'll share...when I blew my nose this morning, it looked like I had used ALL FIVE tissues to wipe mascara off my eyes.