Take two.

Well. Some of you may remember an incident the first week of last year that came to be known as "testing how strong is glass with head", the aftermath of which being:

Ridiculous, right? I mean, who could imagine something like that ever happening? What kind of punkass little hooligans show up to school, and in the first week --

Haha. My boys. They make a heart hum with pride, they do.


MikejGrey said...

Oh dear.

This is about Apolo Ohno, isn't it?

Southie said...

OMG.. again? hahah wow... they know how to think with their heads huh?

Brian said...

Some strong feelings about the school's English Zones, I see.

I'm no Picasso said...

Haha. Actually they were just trying to get to math class on the other side. I guess they figured if they shook the door hard enough, the gigantic chain and padlock would magically disappear. Turns out they were wrong. Go figure.