Saturday morning questions.

Have awoken to find the weather slightly warmer and sunnier than expected and absolutely no fruit in my fridge, save for one suspiciously brownish-looking apple. I guess this is what they call a tragedy. I'll have to go out and make nice with the produce vendors. To shower or not to shower?

Do you feel nervous before the conclusion of a great novel, knowing the end is imminent and there will be a void where the story once existed?

Never. Because I know the ending will be worth it and, beyond that, it means I can get on to the next great story.

(You can probably go ahead and apply that way of thinking to a lot of things in my life, for better or for worse.)

Are you wearing a moustache or tiara tonight?

Moustache, obviously, if I make it, which I somewhat suspect that I will (perhaps a bit late, however).

(I'll explain this one later.)

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