Good question and Little Cussin.

What has been the hardest cultural difference for you to keep an open mind about since coming to Korea?

Ooh. This is a good one. Juicy. I'll write it up when I get home from work tonight. There are two main ones that come to mind, one being obviously face saving, which I think is pretty difficult for most foreigners, and the other being how the gender expectations relate to dating culture. Maybe I'll do both."Expect it," as a Korean would say.

Also, please welcome to the cast of my blog readership my little cousin. Lord knows how he found the damn thing, but he has. I suspect my mother might have something to do with this, as my grandmother was also informing me the other day that she was reading something on my "facebook doodad" that was not from my facebook doodad at all, but rather this blog. Thanks Ma. I'm glad hospital time has turned into sharing-all-of-Liz's-dark-dirty-secrets time. Anyway. The boy's old enough now, I suppose. If he can drive a car, I guess he can read this blog.

Today's gonna be a rough one, kiddies. I've decided to put off a phone call until after work for fear that making it before might mean I can't get through the day. Say your version of a prayer to your version of a god, if you would.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

You may not feel it, but you're stronger than you know. My father was diagnosed with cancer while I was in china and I know what it takes to not jump on the next plane home. We're with you kiddo.

I'm no Picasso said...

Thanks a lot, good sir. It's been most comforting, I think, to hear from other expatters at this time, how almost everyone has gone through something like this at some point.