Fuck I'm old.

Haha. I don't know what happened exactly -- something involving Taecyeon refusing to buy dried mangos. But he's being punished, while the other members try to complete a hundred small acts against him in a day. Jaebeom <3.

By the way, if you're wondering what teaching at an all boys middle school in Korea is like, it's basically like this, with 40 instead of six, minus the subtitles. Especially the extreme, sudden mood shifts from out of control to nearly asleep, the giggling for literally no apparent reason and the completely irrelevant answers to questions.

Regarding that last one, one of my pet students (a known trouble maker) taught me a phrase in Korean yesterday that basically means "east gate person speaking", which is supposed to mean this kind of thing (as best I could understand). It happened because he kept responding to what I was saying with completely unrelated (or mildly related) gibberish. He understood perfectly well what I was saying, but was just doing it out of orneriness, raising his hand and looking around to make sure he had everyone's attention before responding with utter nonsense. Even I was doubled over with laughter, and the whole class was screaming at him by the third or fourth time he did it. Everyone had the impromptu chance to learn the word "random".


Anonymous said...

why does this make you old? i don't think old people really care about what 2PM is doing.

I'm no Picasso said...

It doesn't make me old -- unrelated. Turning 25 today makes me old.