Formspring me up.

That Formspring thingy-ma-bobbit in the sidebar there has mostly turned into a place for my friends to post random unfunny-to-the-general-population comments, cluing me into who they are based on particular inside jokes. But there's a bit legit in there. You all make good use of it now. For your amusement (in giant horrific font because I'm an idiot who can't figure out how to change it):

Do you now accept that William Bennett, of WHiTEHOUSE fame, is not a homosexual?

I never *said* he was a homosexual -- I was simply open to the possibility. And I maintain that he probably is as well. (Open to the possibility, that is.)

You owe me 185 frickin' dollars.

I'm sorry. I just want to get my turtle, ma'am.

Sorry that this might be a stupid question, and it's not really a question about you... just curious. When you talk about your 3rd grade students... it's not like 3rd grade in the US right? Is it like the 3rd grade of a higher grade level? What age are th [sic]

Not a stupid question at all. It's quite confusing to someone who isn't already working in the PS system. My third graders are equal to the US 9th grade, or first year of high school. Here, the grades go up to 6 in elementary school, then start over in junior high, which is 1, 2 and 3, and then again in high school. So my third graders are US age 14 to 16, depending on the time of year.

What's your favourite type of sword?

A double-edged one.

Why can't Elephants jump?

I've heard it's because their feet are not flexible enough, but, as we all know, horses' hooves aren't exactly flexible, so that can't be the only reason. I would imagine it would have something to do with a combination of leg length/circumference and center of gravity due to body bulk. But that's just a guess.

Hi. -- .38

Hello Spesh. How's things?

Why don't you add a followers widget? It's easier to read your updates that way. - Running With Chopsticks

A whosit whatsit? Easier for you all? Nothing makes anything easier for me because I'm a technological idiot, but if that's a request, I'll get right on! Cha!


MikejGrey said...

You should make this a regular feature. Liz's mailbag!

Mr Nameless said...

I think I sent one, but my terrible senile old brain refuses to be certain. The sword one possibly?

If I did send one, the sword one would be the most likely candidate!

I'm no Picasso said...

Mike -- for that to happen, more people would have to leave questions/comments!

Billy -- I had a few different suspicions about that one. Glad you cleared it up (kinda).

MikejGrey said...

I could start leaving you comments. But I'm afraid it'll just be Big Lebowski lines

MikejGrey said...


I'm no Picasso said...

Life does not start and stop at your convenience Donny!

MikejGrey said...

They were Nazis?

I'm no Picasso said...

Vee are nihilists, Lewbowski. Vee believe in nosing.

Melissa said...

Big font = cool.

You can add a "followers" widget by hanging around your Dashboard and clicking "layout". Under layout you'll see a box that says "add gadgets".The widget you want (maybe) is called "followers". Sounds a but creepy but, well, this is blogging, after all. ^^

It's easier for people (who use Google or blogger) to see when you update, but it's also just sort of like a tip of the hat or a compliment to tell someone that you "follow" them. Sorta like on Tumblr, maybe?