"Did you cry?"

I've discovered another bizarre verbal tick that must be something translated directly from Korean, and the sentiment certainly isn't one that's present in my culture.

My coworkers are somewhat aware of what's going on back home, although no one but my closest friends know everything. I revealed a little more at work this morning and was asked by three different teachers, "Did you cry?"

Well. Yes, as a matter of fact I did, just a bit. Thanks for asking?

That one's going to take some getting used to. What's the expected response? Is it like, "Have you eaten rice?" or is a genuine, direct answer what they're after?

It could be months before I can get that look to stop popping up on my face when I get asked this one. Lord.


AnnyongAnyang said...

Ah, my students ask me that all the time about anything bad I mention. I thought it was just a Korean kid type question, I didn't know adults do it too.

I'm no Picasso said...

Yeah I guess because I haven't really had anything to "cry" about since I've been here, I've never come up against this phrase before. I'll ask around about it. I'm glad it happened more than once so I could work out that it's something to do with something that they say in Korean, and not just one person asking an extremely odd, highly personal (to me) question.