6 am on a Sunday morning? Really, biological clock? That's what you're gonna do to me?

Headed to Namdaemun shijang with Smalltown to check out the score. He keeps calling trying to move the departure time later and later. I've come to know the various versions of his voice quite well, and he was definitely using his "I'm still lying in bed in my shorts unshaven and hungover" voice last he called, at 11:30. And, after he made a strong bid for two, we settled (naturally) on one. I'll be back with lots of photos, and hopefully Smalltown doesn't get it into his head that we should purchase one of these while we're there:

I'm not entirely convinced I could talk him out of it, but certainly wouldn't want to ride the bus sitting next to him on the way home if he did.

In other news, I've been thinking: a weekend in Shanghai soon?


Kel said...

oooh I've been wanting to go back to Shanghai, but the ridiculous visa cost makes it seem impractical to just got for a weekend >.< Anyway let me know if you are planning a trip and need any help, I lived there for a year!

I'm no Picasso said...

Yeah the visa thing has me thinking of possibly putting it off until Chuseok, or waiting to see what happens with these two red days we've got in May... if there will be any extra days thrown in. I'll definitely hit you up closer to the time for tips. I have no idea what to expect....