108 prostrations.

That shit is no joke. But, I've sort of committed to starting the day this way for a while, to see how it is. You wouldn't think something so simple could end with you drenched in sweat, limbs trembling with exerted effort. But as you hit around 30 or so, you feel your mind blank out and your breathing settle into a rhythmic pattern. Full concentration. Centered. The only thing is, I need to get a bigger mala to work through, because the beads on the one I have are too small and take too much concentration, and the counting is distracting.

Why 108 bows?

There are a lot of reasons given, and the number 108 has a lot of meaning. But my favorite is that there are six senses of perception (the regular five you all know, plus thought), three states of time (past, present, future), two conditions of the heart (pure and impure), and three attitudes (indifference, like and dislike). Six times three times two times three equals 108. 108 paths to take. 108 ways we can go wrong everyday. They are bows of repentance.

Now it's time to hit the shower and get this week going.

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