Taking a stand: fail.

You know, what am I supposed to do? I'd had myself all talked up for it, and I always do when I'm just dealing with that ignorant woman. But then she shows up with her kids and dumps them off with me for three hours, which should have pissed me off....

But then we sit on the heater and eat kimbap and they fill me in on all the latest Kpop gossip. We play hide and seek and Yelin, the little one, reads me a story.

How can I punish them because their mother is a total douche? It'd be one thing if they went into the whole thing kicking and screaming like a lot of my boys do, but they spend the entire time fighting over one another for my attention, speaking in two completely different streams at the same time, so that I have to respond back and forth. If one dominates my attention for too long, the other will send her a text message on her phone to distract for long enough to jump in and take over. Yejin's so fucking hungry for American culture, and I'm her only connection back to that time. She spend the whole time talking about how things work in American schools, and asking me intricate grammar questions that her Korean teachers can't answer.

I dunno. I dunno what to do. The very sight of this woman makes my blood boil, and I don't know how she can have two such bright, well-adjusted daughters, have lived in New York City for two years, and still be such a bigoted imbecile when it comes to foreigners. I'm trying to do what I can to correct her urge to control everything about the situation. Today, she said we should go outside of the school. I informed her quite harshly that I was working -- on the clock -- I'm. At. Work.

Do you want me to tell the vice principal we are going? Yelin didn't have lunch and is hungry...

No. I'm at work. You asked me if you could bring your daughters to see me at work. You should have fed your children before you brought them to do what we already agreed to do. I know it's more convenient for you to take me out of the school and back to your house, where you can go about your business while I watch your kids for free, but I'm not a fucking book you can check out from the library. Stop changing my plans.

Ugh. Aish. Etc etc.

I don't have the heart to look into those two little faces and tell them I can't see them anymore, though. So I'll just have to keep pushing back where I can and make this woman understand that I'm not a dog she can lead around on a leash at her whim.

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Helena said...

That sounds so frustrating.

She could find the local LDS (Mormon) church and they could go talk to the missionaries for free. They have English class a couple of times a week.