Strawberries have shown back up in the markets! It's almost spring. Although, it certainly hasn't felt like it the last couple of days. And I'm significantly cheered up after another great afternoon teaching the mothers followed by a quick bit of American Apparel shopping and Nepalese food in Hongdae with Kel.

Now I'm thinking tomorrow night I might try to make it out to the used book shops in Dongincheon to cruise for cheap English classics, since I'm about to run out of unread reading material again, and sincerely cannot be bothered perusing the same boring, extremely overpriced options that don't seem to rotate at all at Kyobo (which is also like a million miles from my house).

Today we just so happened to be working on making plans in class, and we were talking about what we would do this weekend. When I told them about this potential book shopping plan, the mothers discussed it amongst themselves and then one mother asked who I was going with. I swear sometimes Koreans ask the oddest questions. I still haven't figured out if it's normal to ask something like that in Korea, or if it's just general curiosity about the foreigner that causes it. I guess it's not really that strange of a question -- it's just that I would normally only expect it out of a jealous boyfriend, or something.

Willie and I were just discussing the "what do you eat" question at dinner last week. Right up there with that one on the "nearly every Korean I've ever met has asked me this" list is, "Do you live alone?" Which is just kind of creepy. But understandable, considering most Koreans never do, and probably can't imagine it at all. Following quickly on the tails of that one is, "Are you lonely?" Which is just too pitiful. And, "What do you do at home?" Which I'm always tempted to give some extremely out of place answer to, just for my own amusement. People always look disappointed when you come out with, "Well uh... watch movies, read a book, check my email... sleep.... I...."

Not nearly as fascinating as you might expect. And, just for the record, I eat food. Usually.

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