Hm. I have kind of a lot to say on some sort of vaguely related subjects, but I think I'll wait until I get back to Korea and my thoughts have gelled a little more. Let's just say I think I've been very, very spoiled by Korean men and I'm not really sure how to come back from that. And that there are trade offs for everything, and I'm not sure anymore where I fall on which things I'd prefer to keep and/or give up. It's complicated. And I could probably get myself into a lot of trouble running my mouth about it on a public blog, but laying in bed and mulling it over with the kid has basically been perfect.

I'm ready to try grown up for a while. I thought I was getting there before, but now I'm sure.

Last full day in Glasgow. I wouldn't call myself ready to leave by any means, but there are some things I'm eager to get back to. I think this, being pretty much a last minute disaster, was definitely the right decision and exactly what I needed. If only the kid could fit in my suitcase.

Oh well. I'll just cram it full of Primark knickers and expensive chocolate instead, and hope that holds me over.

By the way, Secret Diaries is starting a new series! (L)(L)(L) etc.


Anonymous said...
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Diana E. said...

I enjoy being spoiled by Korean men. Well... only one now. But I think I kind of see what you mean. There are advantages and disadvantages to dating within and outside of your own culture.

I'm no Picasso said...

Yeah. On the one hand, it's nice to have the extra care and attention, but on the other, it's also nice to have a kind of instant comfort that can take ages to get to with someone outside of your culture and of the opposite sex.