I pushed the button.

I'm ready for work freakishly early this morning, despite going out to meet Smalltown and his girl last night. I'm fucking uncomfortable as hell around my guy's friends girlfriends for some reason, and it can take me a while to adjust. I think it's because there's nothing I hate more than girl-on-girl tension over the opposite sex, and even if none of it is there, I feel like there's maybe always the potential for a misunderstanding, and I go out of my way, fumbling over myself, to make sure I don't do or say anything that could make the other girl uncomfortable or suspicious. Well, it just fair to say that, in general, I'm pretty awkward around other girls. And having the pressure of that girl being one of your best mate's significant other just makes it that much worse.

Anyway, Smalltown's girl and I finally broke through the barrier last night when she realized she can communicate with me better than she can with him. IE, I speak and understand at least some Korean. I ended up doing a fair amount of translating last night and feel like I finally found my little niche in the couple fold.

Some real assholes that I've run into before came in last night and I just wasn't having it. A few really great foreign guys came in on their tails and one of them confirmed that they've seen those guys around and don't care for them one whit either. Sometimes I wish the expat community out here was like Survivor and you could vote people off. They'd be close to the top of the list of the first to go, that's for damn sure.

And now it's time for my confession. Father, forgive me, for I have knowingly stirred up shit. Premeditated, long contemplated shit. I pushed the button. The send button on my phone, that is:

ㅁㅈ오빠 잘 있어요? 다음주에 스코틀랜드에 갈 거예요. 언제 다시 한국에 와서 같이 식사하자.


스코틀랜드에 얼마나 오래있을거에요? 보고싶을거에요 좋은시간보내고 와서 꼭 연락해요^^


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MikejGrey said...

Oh dear. Tell Uncle Scrooge I said hi when ye see him.

In other news, I'm going back to the doctor on on monday. God help me.