Bit of sunshine.

Good grief I think we've finally got out sleep schedules sorted. And yes, for the record, it's true that I've become a bit soft. And a bit harsher in a lot of ways as well. I don't know. It's strange being around so many Westerners again and speaking English, making jokes in English, watching Western television. Socializing with Westerners.

So forgive this for being scattered.

Um. There was a stabbing outside the club on Saturday night. Very Glaswegian. The whole street was blocked off. About 50% of the people I've met since I've been here are gay. This is why I'm always horrified to hear Koreans say things like "I've never met a gay person" because, first of all, yes you have and secondly, everywhere I go it seems like 50-75% of the people I meet are gay. Which, you know, is excellent.

I'm quite pleasantly surprised to find that I do still find quite a few Western guys attractive -- just not really the ones I'm around in Korea. I miss the casual sexual teasing, joking and flirting that goes on a lot. Like, a lot. So I'm pretty dead set on taking advantage of that while I'm here. Today we'll be out to the city centre to do a bit of shopping and then we don't know what tonight. I still haven't seen the boys that I actually know here. I miss Joe Dillon and his jokes and big red Gez. Hopefully we'll see them soon, even though Gez gave up drinking and then didn't but then did but didn't.

Time to get dressed and go out this bit of sunshine we've got before it disappears again.


Anonymous said...

ahh yes, the usual weekend knife play in Glasgow. When i was up there it was always outside places like Archaos on queen street, but its been years since i was up there so no idea if its still there. I was always at the rock clubs and we had one fatal stabbing/beating in the whole time i was ever clubbing.
And yes, I know a few gay Koreans, one of whom is very closeted and confused as he's a committed Christian. Talk about having a war with yourself. Glad you are having fun!

Hooking Up in Hanguk said...

I feel like half the people, specifically guys, I've met at home have been gay, too. It reaaally makes me wonder (and worry) about Koreans.

I'm no Picasso said...

Koreans are lying to themselves about the gay, plain and simple. Just because you don't acknowledge something doesn't mean it isn't there.